Revised: 02/19/2013


Competitions are held to encourage club members to show and improve their photographic work. Competitions are not mandatory but are encouraged as a way to practice preparing an image for for showing either in print or digital.


Club Competitions are open to all members in good standing.

Photographs must have been taken by the competitor. Photos may only be entered once.

All prints entered into competition must conform to the theme and requirements of the competition.

All entries are subject to review by the Competition Committee Chairperson (or designee).


Members may compete in either Class A or Class B.

Class A competitors include all those individuals who have earned more than 10 points in club competitions, or those individuals who consider themselves to be experienced photographers and voluntarily elect to participate in this Class.

Class B competitors include all members new to the club (except for the above choice), those who have earned less than 10 points in the previous year’s competitions and those who consider themselves to be relatively inexperienced in photographic competitions.

A member must state their choice of class upon entering their first competition.

Once in Class A, a member may not revert to Class B.


Color Prints

Monochrome Prints (monochrome prints are defined as black & white or shades of one color and may have one accent color in the photograph)


The minimum number of total entries for Color Print or Monochrome print competitions is five in order for judging to take place. Classes may be combined if there are not enough entries per class.

The following may be entered into any club competition by each member:

Two (2) color prints

Two (2) monochrome prints


The minimum size for prints is 35 (i.e. 5″ x 7″) square inches. The maximum size for prints is 320 (i.e. 16″ x 20″) square inches.

Prints must be mounted and may be matted for all competitions; the mount and/or mat must be black or white and may not exceed 24 X 24 inches in overall size.

Prints may NOT be framed.

The back of each mounting board must have a competition label (provided at the competition) showing the Title and Photographers Name. The label shall be in the upper right hand corner.


Three (3) judges will be obtained for each competition. If necessary, a member who has no entries in the current competition may be asked by either the Competition Chairperson or the President to be a judge.


Prints in each category will be previewed in the light stand before scoring begins. Prints will be scored on the second pass through the light stand. Individual print scores will consists of the sum of the three judges’ scores.

Resolving Tie Scores. Ties will be re-judged until placement is determined. In the event of an unresolved tie between two prints, the judges will use 1 or 9 to determine score with 9 awarded to the image the judges determine is best and 1 to the other image.


A First, Second, Third and two Honorable Mention winners will be selected for each category at each club competition. “Award Points” shall be assigned as follows:

•   First Place – 4 award points
•   Second Place – 3 award points
•   Third Place – 2 award points
•   Honorable Mention – 1 award point

Ribbons will be given to the First, Second, Third place and Honorable Mention winners for Class A and Class B categories.

At year’s end, the members who have accumulated the most points in that year’s club competitions shall be recognized with an award for First, Second, Third place and Honorable Mention for each class.