Book Review, The Art of Posing, Lou Jacobs, Jr., Amherst

The Art of Posing, Lou Jacobs, Jr.

This is a good book. The author has assembled eleven photographers who, in 10 chapters, discuss their approach to portrait photography. The various authors discuss the how and why of their approach to portraiture. The book is filled with photographs of young and old, female and male, single and group portraits. Images include both color and black and white photographs. Reviewing the images provides a gallery of posing suggestions. While there is discussion on the importance of lighting, if I were the author, I’d add a chapter specifically on lighting techniques generously illustrated with lighting diagrams. As an old Chinese philosopher said, “Seeing it once is better than being told one hundred times.” This book is both interesting and educational. I will be recommending it to members of my class on composition.
Charles Heisterkamp, III, M.D.,