2018 Lancaster Camera Club Summer Picnic

Come one, come all, for good food and photo conversation!

It’s a good time to enjoy relaxing and getting to know one another.

Saturday, July 21st at 4 p.m. — eating at 5 p.m.

 Manheim Township Community Park — Kiwanis II Pavilion

(Formerly Neffsville Park – 209 Petersburg Road, Lancaster, PA, 17601)

       Bring a dish to share that will serve 12 people or so.

Utensils, plates, napkins, and drinks with ice will be provided by the club.

 Please RSVP to pwimer115@gmail.com to say that you are coming

                    AND what dish you would like to bring.

If that item is already cared for, Phyllis will let you know

so we can try to have a good variety.

Bring one photo on the theme, “Red, White, and Blue”  (8×10 or 8×12)**

and any current photo projects that you’d like to show the group

such as a photo book or greeting cards.

Club members are welcome to bring family or a guest.

** We’ll have a friendly vote-for-your-favorite competition with these photos.  Do not frame or mat the print.  Don’t write anything on the back.  The focus will be on good subjects and composition… and having fun!

Plan to join in!  Here are a few more important details:

  • Board member, Phyllis Wimer, is in charge of the picnic.  If you can come early to help set up, please let Phyllis know.
  • Parkingis available next to pavilion.
  • The pavilion includes a full kitchen with refrigerator.
  • Rest rooms with flush toilets across from pavilion.
  • Alcohol is not allowed in the park.

Annual LCC Model Shoot: August 1, 2016

The annual model shoot will take place at Binn’s Park in downtown Lancaster, PA at 6:30pm on August 1, 2016.
As always, photographers get the chance to work with some models, and the models get some great images. Models are expected to sign the general model release provided by the club. Photographers are expected to provide copies of memory cards by the end of the night to be expertly culled, color-corrected, and provided to models in exchange for their time.
We’ll have photographers and models of all levels, so invite friends and family out to be photographed, and let’s have a fun night learning from each other! For discussion, questions, and easy invitations, please visit the event page on Facebook.
Prince Street Parking Garage offers a convenient place to park (and maybe shoot).

* Photographers who can deliver their own retouched images are still required to provide files at the end of the night, but can make arrangements ahead of time with John Flinchbaugh to send replacement images in a timely manner.

Dr Charles Heisterkamp III Passes

Dear Lancaster Camera Club Members & Friends,

I painfully regret to inform you that at noon today we have lost Dr. Charles Heisterkamp III. This loss will be felt by both our club and our community for a long time to come. I would like to thank all of you who were able to attend our annual club picnic at his home just a few weeks ago. It meant the world to him to be able to share all that he had with all of us. For those of you who didn’t know Doc, he was one of our former President and a Board Member. His illness made it impossible to continue his duties as President and he resigned in Jan. of this year. He remained an active Board Member right until the very end. It was a privilege to work with him, he enjoyed working with all of us.

The family is planning a memorial service for him on Sunday Oct. 7th, and he will be interred at Arlington National Cemetery. More information on this event may be included in his obituary and I will certainly pass along more details when they become available. I ask that you please keep his family in your prayers at this difficult time. Condolences may be sent to Diane and The Heisterkamp Family at 1949 Pine Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601. Doc was surrounded by his family and he was not in pain which is all any of us could ever ask for. I look forward to seeing all of you soon, God Bless.

— Heather Shugars, LCC President.


Membership Renewal

It’s time to renew your memberships.

Here’s the PayPal link to pay your yearly dues:

Types of Memberships

Focus on Photographing People by Haje Jan Kamps – Focal Press

I consider this book an excellent introduction for anyone who is starting to do serious photography and for the occasional serious photographer who may not have previously done portrait photography.

The author opens with basic information about equipment and camera settings. I like that he emphasizes that an expensive camera is not a requisite for successful imaging. He then discusses composition including how to direct a model, elements of lighting, and some basic rules of composition. There is a discussion of the merits and techniques of street photography. The last section discusses photo editing.

In addition to my opening comment, this would be a good text for an Introductory Course at the high school or college level.

GIMP 2.6 for Photographers by Klaus Goelker – Rocky Nook, O’Reilly

This book is the complete package. It contains a DVD that provides all three versions (Windows, MAC, and Unix) for GIMP. In addition there is an introduction to GIMP 2.8 which is currently under development. And last, but hardly least, the images used in the book’s tutorials are included.

The book progresses in an A to Z fashion in teaching one about GIMP. In addition to the “how to” instruction, there is sufficient, but not overwhelming, information on theory, the “why” part of processing.

GIMP is the “high end” of free photo processing software and approaches Adobe CS 5 in its capabilities. Even if you are not on a budget, consider GIMP. And if you do, or if you are currently using GIMP, add this book to your library. You’ll be glad you did.