June 2018 Competition Winners

Here are the winning images for the June 2018 Competition. The theme was “Book Titles”.

Member Class Place Title
Ines Anderson B Color First The Chronicles of Narnia
Ines Anderson B Color Second The Fault in Our Stars
Darryl Lownsberry B Color Third Charlotte’s Web
Sally Lownsberry B Color Honorable Mention Gone With the Wind
Sally Lownsberry B Color Honorable Mention Green Mansions
Ines Anderson B Mono First Bird Box
Ines Anderson B Mono Second The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards
Darryl Lownsberry B Mono Third Holes
Jim Goudy A Color First Let Your Life Speak
Dennis Seibert A Color Second The Mist
Bob Newell A Color Third The Magic Mountain
Jackie Henny A Color Honorable Mention The Perfect Storm
Jackie Henny A Color Honorable Mention The Color Purple
Bob Newell A Mono First The Good Earth
Steven Maerz A Mono Second Old City Hall
David Kramer A Mono Third The Haunting of Hill House
Don Shenk A Mono Honorable Mention Beneath the Apple Blossom
Phyllis Wimer A Mono Honorable Mention Hornet’s Nest

First Friday Photography Venues for 2015-12-04

On a personal note, after compiling and posting these lists of First Friday photography shows for the past five years, I’ll be retiring with the publication of this month’s list. Please contact John Flinchbaugh if you might be interested in continuing this tradition.

Here’s the list of Lancaster City venues that I believe will be showing some photographs (or photo-inspired art) this First Friday, December 4th:

Mulberry Art Studios
19-21 North Mulberry Street
5 – 9 pm
Discover the wonder and beauty of Lancaster County and beyond through the eyes of the Lancaster Camera Club this December at Mulberry Art Studios for the club’s annual exhibition. The collection of fine art photography embraces stunning landscapes, incredible wildlife, fascinating local people and places, and more. Join the artists for the First Friday opening reception on December 4th, 2015 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. See what makes this world so amazing! The Lancaster Camera Club has been a meeting place for professionals and amateur photographers since the 1980s. The club hosts monthly meetings and other special events including photo shoots, juried competitions, hands-on workshops, and lectures by notable photographers. Heather L Shugars is President and John Flinchbaugh is Vice President. For more information visit www.lancastercameraclub.org or The Lancaster Camera Club, Photographic Institute on Facebook.

Coe Camera Gallery
220 North Prince Street
10 am – 9 pm
“Photoextractions” explores the optical ambiguity of imagery in skewed shapes and tilted perception of form, light and color. These three-dimensional art pieces challenge viewers’ personal perceptions with a unique combination of highly technical production skill and beautiful artistry. Evans describes the inspiration behind creating this exhibit as a fascination by how the human eye perceives the world – taking in form, light and color. “By skewing shapes and tilting perception into an optical illusion an image can become ambiguous in the perceptual experience,” says Evans. “I enjoy embracing these factors, utilizing them to draw the viewer into an image, asking for exploration.”

Keystone Art and Culture Center
420 Pearl Street
5:30 – 8:30 pm
Keystone Art returns to 1st Friday in the most spacious gallery in Lancaster City. Joins us for All LOCAL artists. Baroque and Renaissance styles of Michael Tymon,stainless steel sculpture of Kenny Young, works on canvas by Katrina Funk, photography by Jim Yescalis and metal sculpture by George Mummert. Parking available and all handicap accessible.

Steadfast Screen Printing Company
420 West Grant Street
6 – 10 pm
Screen printing demonstrations PLUS Skateboard Graphic Retrospective through Illustration, Woodcut, Photography, Serigraphs and Paint.

–Pat Cooney

First Friday Photography Venues for 2011-10-07

Here’s a list of Lancaster City venues that I believe will be showing some photographs this First Friday, October 7th:

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Featured Events ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Smith LaVia Studio
329 N Queen St (Keppel Building)
Suite 210
This is the grand opening of a new venue for photography in Lancaster. The following photographers will be showing some work, and having a good time shooting, etc, in the studio:
Tim Smith
John Flinchbaugh
Amanda Kraft
Doug Hilton
Terri Shadle
Everyone is encouraged to stop by and say “Hi”.

Mulberry Art Studios*
19-21 N. Mulberry St.
As I See It:  Digital photographs captured in and around Lancaster, Florida, New Jersey and Delaware by Sam Beitzel.
Meet the artist 5-8pm Friday and 10am-2pm Saturday.

Isadore Gallery
228 N. Prince St.
Transient Equilibrium: Improvisational paintings and drawings by David Moss.  Land of Enchantment:  photographic immersion by Christopher Moss where past, nature and man collide. Father and son exhibiting together.

616 Columbia Ave
(exterior walls!)
Inside Out Lancaster (We are Not All Amish)
Large poster portraits of Lancaster City folks by photographer Jenny Schulder Brant with Erica Millner and Mai Orama Muniz.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ And Even More Photo Venues ^^^^^^^^^^^^

Annex 24 Gallery*
24 W. Walnut St.
Past, Present and Future: Showcasing nationally renowned photographer Wilton Tifft’s images of Ellis Island, Steamtown and “Americana”. Photo-surreal exhibits continue by Michael Ticcino and William Hager.

bjf photography*
42 W. King St.
Lifestyle portraiture by Becca j. Fulmer Lapp.  Meet the artist.

Cross Keys Coffee and Teas
34 N. Queen St.
Exhibit of recent photographic work by Fred Albright and Dan Marschka.

Edwin P. Huddle Photography
122 E. Chestnut St.
Fine art photography, photo décor, and commissioned portraits.

Lancaster Public Library*
125 N. Duke St.
European Architecture: 2,000 years of architecture in photographs by local emerging freelance photographer Rebecca Bauer. Cross borders and explore new places to see famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Colosseum along with forgotten chapels and local pastry shops.

LaPorte Jewelers’ Art Gallery*
645 Harrisburg Ave.
Local photographer Cheryl Esbenshade explored her backyard with a camera, producing images of the diverse insects, flowers, fauna, birds and animals she found.

Nick Gould Photography
104 W. Chestnut St., 2nd fl.
Fine art photography and portraits.

Scott Davis and Brian Heiland Photography
226 N. Prince St., 2nd fl.
Works of two photographers that encompass portraiture, glamour, landscape and fine art photography.

*Wheelchair Accessible

–Pat Cooney


Vincent Versace
To quote Vincent,
“The belief is once you own a camera you are a photographer.

SO that means if I buy a cello…

then I own a cello.”

And to quote from his biography,

Vincent Versace is a recipient of the Computerworld Smithsonian Award in Media Arts & Entertainment and the Shellenberg fine art award, is a six-time nominee to the Photoshop Hall of Fame and is the best selling author of Welcome to Oz a Cinematic Approach Digital Still Photography with Photoshop and. His work is part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of American History.

Visit his website – http://versacephotography.com/

There is an extensive gallery posting – my recommendation is look at the set “People You Know”   Then go on to the rest.






Ben Willmore

There are many photographers whose work one should know. Among the many great contemporary photographers is Ben Willmore. Ben has three websites:Web Site – http://www.thebestofben.com/

Web Site – http://whereisben.com/

Web Site – http://www.digitalmastery.com/

Ben’s a master of design. Definitely visit the Best of Ben and look at his galleries. And, if you ever have the opportunity to attend one of his teaching sessions, his ability to teach is super. I know from personal experience. Whenever I see him, I always learn something new.