An Invitation to SoFoBoMo 2015

In the Fall of 2012, a small group of Lancaster photographers decided to try a local “Solo Photo Book Month” project. Since then 10 photographers have published 19 PDF photo books at the LIPG SoFoBoMo Project website. Over half of the 19 SoFoBoMo books already published there have had more than 200 page views each.

For 2015 we’re expanding our local SoFoBoMo by inviting all interested photographers to participate. To learn more about how to participate, please visit:

The Solo Photo Book Month, commonly known as SoFoBoMo, is an experience designed to allow you to practice the skills you need to plan, execute, and publish photo projects. Inspired by the principle that “what we need to learn to do, we learn by doing,” Paul Butzi launched the first SoFoBoMo in 2008. After four successful years in which hundreds of participants, world-wide, produced over 900 PDF ebooks, Paul decided that he could no longer maintain the original SoFoBoMo web site and shut it down in late 2011. We are continuing what he started.

Please join us this year. We are all looking forward to seeing your photo ebook.

–Pat Cooney

Robert Lowing showing “Contested Space: Witness to Place” at Franklin & Marshall College

A flare from a well at nighttime. An Amish farmer guiding a plow under an electric transmission line. An open field that slopes toward a tightly packed copse of trees speared by sunlight.

These are a few of the subjects in the photographs comprising “Contested Space: Witness to Place,” on display at Franklin & Marshall College’s Phillips Museum of Art from Jan. 13 through March 29.

The images by local photographer Robert Lowing depict the construction of a natural gas pipeline in northern Pennsylvania’s Tioga and Bradford counties, as well as areas of land — some historic — where the pipeline is proposed in Lancaster County.

The opening reception for the show will be held in the Rothman Gallery of Franklin & Marshall College’s Phillips Museum of Art on Tuesday, January 20th at 5 PM.

On Tuesday, February 3rd, at 5 PM, Professor Richard Kent will speak at the same location on “The Engaged Eye: The Work of Robert Lowing and American Landscape Photography.”

Further information on the show and other associated events can be found at here.

–Pat Cooney