Solo Photo Book Month 2011

Ever wanted to create a book of your images and have it published where anyone can view it? Well, grab your camera and get inspired. Solo Photo Book Month 2011 gives you the opportunity to do just that. It starts at the beginning of July and we’d love to have you join in to make your photo book in a month. Since 2008 hundreds of photographers have published over 350 books of their photography on the SoFoBoMo website. You are invited to join them this year. There is no charge to partcipate.

A lot of photographers have considered doing a book, but various concerns have stopped them. Heck, the same concerns stopped us. We worried that our photos weren’t good enough. We worried that we didn’t have enough photos. We worried that we couldn’t write decent text, or couldn’t do a decent job of layout, or that we didn’t have the time to do a good job.

SoFoBoMo gives us (and you) an end run around those fears. There’s no requirement that the photos be good (but we suspect you’ll be surprised by how good yours are if you participate.) There’s no requirement to have any text at all. And there is no requirement on quality of layout.

The requirements for SoFoBoMo 2011 are simple. Your book must:
– include at least 35 photos;
– be completed in a contiguous stretch of 31 days, start to finish, during July and August of 2011; and
– take the form of a PDF file, which can be uploaded to the SoFoBoMo website.

Visit the SoFoBoMo website to learn more, view past years’ books, and join in this year’s activities.

–Pat Cooney