2011-02-07 Camera & Manual Open Space Meeting

The February meeting of Lancaster Camera Club is going to be something a little different this month! You (yes, you) and everyone else in attendance will be presenting your favorite topics for the group, so come ready to share and to learn. Be sure to bring your friends and family members with new cameras as well, because this is sure to be a good meeting for everyone. Let’s have our camera manuals on hand as well, because there’s a wealth of information in there.

Our initial theme for the evening will be Camera and Manual, but the discussion can go anywhere from there. We’ll start out making a list of suggested topics from the group, we’ll vote to find the most popular, and then we’ll break out into 2 or 3 groups to discuss the top picks. After 15 or 20 minutes, we’ll come back together as a group and do it again!

This meeting could go anywhere, but it’ll be right where you want to be!

We’ll see you at Brethren Village Fieldcrest Room at 7pm sharp on February 7, 2011. I, John, will be your master of ceremonies, and I look forward to seeing everyone for this great night.