Annual LCC Model Shoot: August 1, 2016

The annual model shoot will take place at Binn’s Park in downtown Lancaster, PA at 6:30pm on August 1, 2016.
As always, photographers get the chance to work with some models, and the models get some great images. Models are expected to sign the general model release provided by the club. Photographers are expected to provide copies of memory cards by the end of the night to be expertly culled, color-corrected, and provided to models in exchange for their time.
We’ll have photographers and models of all levels, so invite friends and family out to be photographed, and let’s have a fun night learning from each other! For discussion, questions, and easy invitations, please visit the event page on Facebook.
Prince Street Parking Garage offers a convenient place to park (and maybe shoot).

* Photographers who can deliver their own retouched images are still required to provide files at the end of the night, but can make arrangements ahead of time with John Flinchbaugh to send replacement images in a timely manner.