Seeing Now: Photography Since 1960 at BMA

Through May 15th the Baltimore Museum of Art is offering an outstanding exhibit of the last fifty years of photographic art from their permanent collection. Quoting from their website:

“More than 200 provocative and compelling images showcase photography’s extraordinary development since 1960 in this gripping exhibition of moving and at times frank subjects. Seeing Now offers a striking snapshot of the world around us as seen through the eyes of more than 60 photographers—including Diane Arbus, William Eggleston, Gary Winogrand, and Cindy Sherman.

“Through single photographs, works in series, film, and video, the exhibition reveals the astonishing breadth and depth of the BMA’s outstanding photography collection and presents many recent acquisitions being shown at the museum for the first time. Explore sub-cultures and expressions of the human form; natural and man-made environments; ephemeral performances and artistic projects; and the role of light and time in photography.”

While there I recommend taking the opportunity to dine at Gertrude’s, their outstanding on-site restaurant (where reservations are always a good idea.)

–Pat Cooney