Serial Photography – Using Themed Images to Improve Your Photography, Harald Mante with Eva Witter-Mante, Rocky Nook, O’Reilly

The author discusses the benefits of serial photography and provides a host of illustrations to support his thesis. The book is divided into four sections; general themes, serial photography and design theory, serial photography and color therapy, and special themes. The first section includes subjects such as cars, street lamps, laundry, balloons, and boats. Under design theory one finds triples, lines and stripes, checkered patterns and more. The color theory section provides thoughts on the color blue, colors and non-colors, and monochromatic pastels. Included under special themes are glass facades, still lifes, and mirror images.

I could readily relate to this book as I have produced my own series including “Trucks I have Followed”, “The Left Rear End of Automobiles”, and “Fire Hydrants”. Thus, I particularly found the sections on design theory and color theory very interesting. There is significant depth to this book. I enjoyed it. I think you will, too.

Charles Heisterkamp, III, M.D.