Photoshop Elements 9 – the missing manual, Barbara Brundage, O’Reilly Publishers

Overall, an excellent book. I have been teaching Photoshop Elements since version 7 and have used Ms. Brundage’s series of books for version 7, 8, and 9. Essentially, they are an A to Z manual on Photoshop Elements. One feature I really like is that the author lists a number of websites for additional material such as plug-ins. She will reference a book not published by O’Reilly, an action for which both the author and publisher deserve credit.

If I have one mild criticism, it is that not enough emphasis is given to the use of the camera raw converter. What many Photoshop users don’t realize is that the raw converter can be used for jpg images, and in my opinion, generally does a better job than when they are simply adjusted in the edit section. If layers is the heart of photoshop, then the raw converter is the brains.

The bottom line; if you use Photoshop Elements 9, buy this book.

Charles Heisterkamp, III, M.D.